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Hästens - Sleeping like a king

The Grand Vividus by Hästens embodies luxury, quality, and design at the highest level and is undoubtedly a tribute to craftsmanship in the bedroom. It is exclusively crafted by the most experienced artisans at Hästens in our production facility in Köping, Sweden.


For years, we have been dealing with a healthy sleep because it is the foundation of our everyday well-being. By carefully selecting our brands and products, we commit ourselves to choosing the best quality and the most exclusive materials for the sleep experience of our customers.


Our obligation is to fulfill your individual wishes and needs and provide you with the right bed. We offer all standard sleeping arrangements such as waterbeds, Tempur mattresses, gel mattresses, or even box spring beds. Benefit from our experience and give yourself an individual consultation at our house.

All brands available from us: Akva, Biederlack, Brinkhaus, Christian Fischbacher, Deknudt-Mirrors, Ecolife, Elegante, Esprit, Fleuresse, Froli, Geha, Hästens, Joop!, Jori, Kaeppel, Kneer, Lakebos, Lampe Berger, Marc O' Polo, Nill Spring, Nolte, Re-Beds, Ruf-Betten, Strässle, Swarovski, Slyvie-Thiriez, Technogel, Tempur, Thielemeyer

Ecolife - Sleeping as in nature

Ecolife Bed has the vision of offering handcrafted beds of outstanding quality, made from premium materials and featuring a timeless, classic design. Above all, our goal is to provide our customers with a truly restful night's sleep. We hold Swedish craftsmanship dear to our hearts, and our mission is for you to enjoy a restful night on an Ecolife bed. Our beds are lovingly handcrafted in Sweden and represent the abundance of nature.

Akva - Modern Water Beds

The sound of rain has something soothing, something that brings us back to a place of belonging.

The water from which life began more than 3 billion years ago. Where we slept in the womb until we rose and journeyed through history.

A landscape of time that brought changes - emerging knowledge, dreams, and the creation of something beautiful. A landscape of possibilities where the answer was sometimes still found in what already existed.

Because in a world that constantly changes, we often long for things that are enduring. A place to return to.

The silence. The water. The sleep.

Nill Spring - Passion for Quality Sleep

For many years, we have been passionate about durable, comfortable, and exceptionally beautiful furniture. You can find these three qualities in each of our boxspring models. Nill Spring exclusively uses high-quality materials such as solid beech frames, hand-woven springs, and premium fabrics. The unique combination of handmade products and the use of high-quality materials ensures that you will enjoy restful sleep for years in a Nill Spring bed.

Tempur - Developed for sleep in space

The only mattress and pillow brand recognized by NASA and certified by the Space Foundation. The core of each of our mattresses and pillows is our unique TEMPUR® material, which originated from NASA technology. In the late 1960s, NASA scientists invented an entirely new material that was then used aboard Space Shuttles. Our founders recognized the special potential of this material. Based on this original NASA invention, they perfected the TEMPUR® material to create the world's first viscoelastic mattresses and pillows.

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