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About us


With pride, our 70 years of experience shape our company's history over three generations, leaving a mark in the world of sleep. It all began in the exciting 50s when Charles Mersch opened his first furniture store directly on Bonnenweg, near the city of Luxembourg. In the 60s, the foundation of a strong family partnership was laid when Charles brought his brothers into the business, giving rise to Charles Mersch Frères. With the move to Alzingen in the 70s, the location changed, and Expo-Meubles Mersch was born.

The next generation, represented by Charles' son Arsène Mersch, entered the stage in the mid-70s and eventually took over the reins of management. In 2002, family separation occurred, but something new was born from the roots of his wife Michele Mersch in Heiderscheid. With his wife and son Charles, Arsène Mersch founded the company "Beim Fiisschen". From the outset specialized in waterbeds, Beim Fiisschen quickly gained recognition for restful sleep, not only with waterbeds but also with exclusive brands such as Tempur, Ruf-Betten, and Sealy.

The year 2013 marked a significant milestone when Charles Mersch signed an exclusive contract with the renowned brand Hästens and opened Hästens stores in Luxembourg City and Knokke, Belgium. Today, FiisschenConcept is the only bed store in Luxembourg carrying the world's best bed brands, including Hästens, Ecolifebeds, Tempur, Vispring, Technogel, and Nillspring. Our long history and devoted passion for quality sleep have earned us a prestigious name in the industry.

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